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The Jaguar UVC Light Unit kills viruses, pathogens and microbials and will eliminate COVID-19 on any surface. The Jaguar Unit will effectively eliminate the virus in high traffic areas such as airplanes, subways, trains, buses, cafeterias, food service facilities, public areas, healthcare facilities and other confined spaces.​


Protecting Food Products without the use of Chemicals

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Longer Shelf Life

Radiant’s organic disinfection prolongs the shelf life of your ingredients by 40-60% without changing color, texture or taste with antioxidant preservation.

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Validated Pathogen Log Reduction

Ultraviolet light is a safe and proven way to eliminate bacteria in food ingredients. Effectively eradicating foodborne pathogens such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

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No Use of Chemicals

Stop the use of expensive and harmful disinfecting chemicals and reduce raw material waste by 40%.

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Reduced Waste

Save more of your product by protecting it during production, packaging and transportation.

This is where we work...

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Use Organic Light Disinfection to disinfect and protect your raw materials during the production stage. Radiant provides technology to implement into your already standing system.

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Products are vulnerable to harvest bacteria during the packaging phase. Radiant systems activate preservation properties in raw materials and break down the DNA of food borne pathogens to avoid recalls.

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The transportation phase is one of the most important since it is what connects you to your customers. With Radiant's surface disinfection technology you can be sure that your products are being transported in sanitized and safe conditions.

Production Disinfection

with proven results.

Radiant provides you the ability to eliminate chemicals from your processes.  Allowing you to safely and efficiently disinfect your food ingredients. 

Designed for your

and your specific needs.

Radiant engineers have optimized the design of our equipment to ensure optimum results. 

The Top 10 Food Service Management Solution Providers of 2019

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Send in your product for testing and results.

Send us your products and receive a full report on how UV organic treatment can preserve and extend the life of your product without chemicals.



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