About Us

Providing technology solutions for contamination control, Radiant Industrial Solutions or Radiant UV is your industry leader in sanitary solutions through disinfection technologies. Focused on the application of Ultraviolet, UV Light, Ozone, and Filtration; Radiant is providing integrated disinfection and curing solutions to many markets.

Radiant Industrial Solutions was formed in 2005 as a commercial service and solution provider Altace Canadian pharmacy which continues to expand globally. Our key personnel have been working within the industry since the 1980’s.  Since 2005 we have focused on disinfection, sanitary, and metering solutions. Our focus remains to provide technology solutions for contamination control.



Radiant proudly manufactures all of their products in the USA.


Radiant supports client operations through environmental controls and measurements.

Radiant provides technology solutions through cost and waste reductions measures.

Radiant is a client partner for technology use through consistent performance.

Radiant supports client growth through regulatory technology integration.

Radiant clients gain a lifelong partner for application technology audit control through 3rd party validation.

Troy Smith

CEO & Founder

President of Radiant, “El Jefe”. Troy is the co-founder with Dan Smith of Radiant and with over 30 years of Ultraviolet experience leads the team with the mindset of application specific customer support. Through engineering Troy has developed several key patents and continues to innovate and adapt technology to customer applications.

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“Within our serviced markets, we are proud to identify ourselves as solution partners with our clients. The only true resolution to any opportunity is integrated cooperation between personnel and technology. It is our mission to make this happen while improving processes, operating costs, and lives.”
~ Troy Smith


Michael R Guerrette
Director of Business Strategy

General Business strategy for Sales, Marketing and Financial direction of the company. Michael joined the Radiant team in November of 2016. Michael has over 30 years of product innovation and “go to market strategies” experience in aeronautics, consumer durable goods and industrial products industries. Michael has helped large and small companies increase revenues while maneuvering through the difficult process of pioneering innovative products that service customer “needs”.

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Patrick Growney
Director of Operations

Patrick joined the Radiant Team in 2016 after serving over 20 years in operational and program/project management positions as an officer in the United States Navy. Patrick is devoted to leading his team to high performance by developing and implementing operational controls that maximize efficiencies and lower the cost of production, resulting in on time delivery of Radiant’s innovative and quality equipment.

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Dan Smith
Co-Founder & Applications Manager

Municipal application Business Unit Manager. Since 2001 Dan has supported Waste Water disinfection applications. In 2005 as the co-founder of Radiant Dan extended the offering to include field support for municipal waste, drinking, and recreational applications. Dan the man by many “application smells” has his fingers in waters of many flavors. In addition to water, Dan supports air and odor control.

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Jenna Baker
Sales Coordinator

Sales Coordinator for all applications. Jenna is the lifeline to coordination and sales to customer order processing. Keeping the sales team on track, Megan is a leader in customer support and sales processing.

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