About Us

Providing technology solutions for contamination control, Radiant Industrial Solutions or Radiant UV is your industry leader in sanitary solutions through disinfection technologies. Focused on the application of Ultraviolet, UV Light, Ozone, and Filtration; Radiant is providing integrated disinfection and curing solutions to many markets.

Radiant Industrial Solutions was formed in 2005 as a commercial service and solution provider which continues to expand globally. Our key personnel have been working within the industry since the 1980’s.  In 2016, after 11 years in the parts and service industry, Radiant decided to take UV technology and innovate the food industry. Our focus is bringing organic disinfection solutions to the food industry via surface, air, and transportation disinfection.


Radiant proudly manufactures all of their products in the USA.


  • Radiant supports client operations through environmental controls and measurements.
  • Radiant provides technology solutions through cost and waste reductions measures.
  • Radiant is a client partner for technology use through consistent performance.
  • Radiant supports client growth through regulatory technology integration.
  • Radiant clients gain a lifelong partner for application technology audit control through 3rd party validation.


Our Team

Tim R. Bartlett

Timothy Bartlett has over 25 years experience in value creation across diverse platforms. Mr. Bartlett
was appointed CEO of Radiant in June 2018 where he was serving in the dual capacity of Chairman of
the Board of Directors. Mr. Bartlett is also the managing partner of Rubix Ventures, an advisory firm
located in San Antonio, Texas. From 2012-2016 he was the CEO of the Verano Land Group, leading a
1820 acre master planned community. Tim was the Chief Operating Officer for four years at the Brooks
Development Authority (www.bc-b.com) from 2009-2012 and led various transactions representing over
$500mm in capital investment at the master planned mixed-use development. From 2004-2009 Mr.
Bartlett developed ethanol manufacturing facilities with an exclusive contract with BP (www.bp.com)
throughout the Midwestern United States.

Mr. Bartlett was the original founder of EgovNet, in February 1999. EGovNet Inc. provides e-
government portals and applications and consulting services. The company’s works include
www.milwaukeecounty.org, www.ohfac.com, www.co.honolulu.hi.us, and www.oplates.com; the first
online auto registration renewal program deployed in the United States and is still in use today. The
company was sold in 2004.

Mr. Bartlett is the Chairman of the Board of Radiant Industrial Solutions of Houston, Texas, and the
Chairman of TIRZ #28 in San Antonio; appointed by District 3 Councilwoman Rebecca Viagran. From
2012-2015 he served on the San Antonio Economic Development Foundation Board of Directors.

Mr. Bartlett graduated from The Ohio State University in 1987 and worked his way through college while
working as a page in the Ohio Senate.

Awards and Recognition

Top Cat Entrepreneur of the Year, Runner-up – Columbus, Ohio Chamber of Commerce, 2002

Appointed to the Joint Legislative Committee to Study the Impact of High Technology pursuant to
Section 1, Sub. H.B. 574, 123 rd General Assembly by the Speaker of the Ohio House of Representatives,

Michael Guerrette

Michael Guerrette has 30 years’ experience in Strategic Marketing and Product Development in
numerous industries. Mr. Guerrette was appointed COO of Radiant Industrial Solutions in March of
2017. Mike has a strong history of revolutionizing brands, increasing revenues and market share growth
through innovation in the Power Generation, Aerospace and Consumer Durable Goods Industries. Mr.
Guerrette Excels at defining unique and differentiable solutions by blending market facing and customer

facing innovation for long term results.

Mr. Guerrette worked 15 years in the consumer durable goods industry helping lead companies like
Taylormade Adidas Golf and Adams Golf Co. to over 60% increases in revenues and market share.
Mikes last role in the durable goods industry was VP Product Development and Sports Marketing at UST
Mamiya from 2010-2014. Through his leadership USTM increased revenues by over 13%, decreased

OPEX by 35% and increased brand awareness by 80%.

Mr. Guerrette spent 11 years in the Aerospace industry helping Raytheon and McDonnel Douglas develop
cutting edge DoD technology. From 1990 to 1993 Mike was the Lead Project Engineer responsible for
modifying MH-60 Helicopters for the US Army’s 160 th SOFSA Operations. Mikes teams supported

SOFSA efforts through Somalia and the Gulf War.

In 1993 Mikes exemplary contributions to Raytheon’s SOFSA program promoted him to Contract Officer
Technical representative at McDonnell Douglas for the new AH-64 Simulator and Trainer program (A-6
& CWEPT). This joint venture was directed by the US ARMY PEO Aviation and grew from a $30mm to
over $400mm program during Mikes tenure from 1993 to 1997. The AH-64 A6 & CWEPT programs are
still in operation to this day.
In 1997 Mike was recruited by a former Raytheon executive to help start-up SkyHook Technologies in
Draper Utah. Mike led the product development, sales and marketing teams in realizing and
communicating the benefits of external cargo hook systems for military and civilian lift helicopter clients.
The company was awarded the Innovation Technology of the Year in 1997 by the Army Aviation
Association of America.
Before his Aerospace initiatives, in 1989-1990 Mike worked for General Electric Power Generation Gas
Turbine services working with customers such as Exxon, Shell, BP and Texaco. This was during Jack
Welch’s restructuring of GE and what became to be known as the “Year of the Customer” for power
generation. As a freshly minted aeronautical engineer Mike learned the value of understanding customer
needs early in his career. The secret to product innovation is understanding the difference between what a
customer wants and what they truly need! GE eventually overtook their number one gas turbine
competitor, Westinghouse, by 1991.
Mr. Guerrette graduated from Southern Methodist University in 2011 with an Executive MBA and
Arizona State University in 1989 with a degree in Aeronautical Engineering.

Mr. Guerrette is a United States Air Force veteran serving his country from 1981-1985.

Contact: 281-750-9918