Protect food safety. Increase production flow. Reduce chemical usage.

 Processing. Packaging. Produce.

Through the ultraviolet, ozone, and filtration products of Radiant, our clients are seeing immediate impact in food shelf life, contamination in the plant, operational cost reduction, and bacteria control. The old days of spraying everything with chemical and hoping for the best are gone, we have and offer contamination control from field pre-growth to store. The products offered by Radiant includes standard offerings, custom designs, as well as application specific solutions.

Food Process Points of Radiant Sanitary Solutions

Direct Product Disinfection

  • Direct surface disinfection.
  • Product cross contamination control.
  • Product surface contact sanitary control.
  • Product packaging direct disinfection.
  • Contamination control.
  • Increased shelf life.
  • Clean production line equipment surface to product contact.

Plant Air Quality

  • Control contamination microbial growth.
  • Ozone destruction at storage source.
  • Control air quality within confined space / hazardous storage.
  • Reduce energy costs.
  • Liquid storage air disinfection.
  • Dry storage air disinfection.

Water & Liquid

  • Water production line disinfection.
  • Rinse water disinfection.
  • Waste water clarification to ground release.
  • Liquid product disinfection.