Contamination Control through Green Technology.

Effective Healthcare Solutions.

The need for contamination, bacteria, and virus control is growing and Radiant is providing the control method. Radiant medical products support clean measured control within the working environment from patient to surgeon. Within healthcare, hospital, and medical applications the Radiant products are a direct benefit to contamination control and business operations.

Radiant Supports

  • Patient room disinfection.
  • Deep disinfection room recovery.
  • Surgical theater disinfection.
  • Exam room disinfection.
  • Air supply contamination control.
  • Respiratory air circulation contamination control.
  • Medical equipment on-site sanitation control.

Environment Control

  • Air quality control, HVAC and entry.
  • Air circulation, isolation control.
  • Air moisture control, contamination growth control.
  • Odor/cross contamination control.
  • Water quality control, premise entry, lab, pure, point-of-use.

Radiant Product Focus

  • Radiant LOC: Patient room, OR room, high traffic areas.
  • Radiant Joulesafe: Products, Surgical tooling, office tooling and small objects.
  • Radiant In-duct: Cleaning HVAC entry systems, room entry.
  • Radiant Kolala UV: In-office and in-room circulation disinfection.
  • Radiant Always Fresh: Removing contamination and odors from large rooms.