Organic Light Disinfection for Shelf Life Extension

In Line Organic Light Conveyor system for disinfecting meats and produce, achieves a 1-2 log reduction of surface pathogens, ideal pre-packaging intervention.

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Poultry Disinfecting Study proves Organic light reduces APC counts by 90%, eliminating the need to use Chlorine Washes.
Third party Study with Merieux laboratories proves 1-2 log reduction on Frozen Food (IQF) products, pre-packaging intervention for IQF products.

Organic Light for Surface Disinfection Proof of Concept:

Third Party Validation Study – Organic Light reduces Surface APC counts by 85% and eliminating several microbials not effected by Chlorine Wash, Organic Light proves to be a viable technology in replacing traditional precooling Chlorine Washes. 

Protected Products without the chemicals

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Longer Shelf Life

OLT's organic disinfection prolongs the shelf life of your ingredients by 40-60% without changing color, texture or taste with antioxidant preservation.

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Validated Pathogen Log Reduction

Ultraviolet light is a safe and proven way to eliminate bacteria in food ingredients. Effectively eradicating foodborne pathogens such as E. Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

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No Use of Chemicals

Stop the use of expensive and harmful disinfecting chemicals and reduce raw material waste by 40%.

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Reduced Waste

Save more of your product by protecting it during production, packaging and transportation.

Production Disinfection

with proven results.

Organic Light Technologies provides you the ability to eliminate chemicals from your processes.  Allowing you to safely and efficiently disinfect your food ingredients. 

Designed for your

and your specific needs.

Organic Light Technologies engineers have optimized the design of our equipment to ensure optimum results. 

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