Air Purifying Solutions

Industrial Strength Air Purifiers.

The Always Fresh product line offers clean air solutions through various technologies depending on the application requirement. Providing clean air solutions, odor removal, chemical removal, disinfect microbial contamination.
  • Pathogen and Contaminant Disinfection Control
  • Versatile Filtration Options
  • Odor and Chemical Removal
  • Minimized Downtime Through System Control


  • Pre Filtration Options: Electrostatic, Pleated, or Polypad
  • Anti Microbial UV Chamber: Ultraviolet UVC or Ozone UVV
  • Main Filtration Options: HEPA, Carbon, Chemical, or Pleated
  • Material Options: Aluminum, Galvanized, or Stainless
  • Sizing: Refer to brochure for sizing options
The Radiant Koala UV air treatment equipment is designed specifically for upper air disinfection treatment and total room air disinfection. The system is designed to utilize natural air movement for disinfection.
  • Continuously Cleaning Upper Air
  • Prevents Bacteria and Virus Airborne Transmission
  • In Line Passive Disinfection
  • Destroys the DNA of pathogens before they can spread


  • Koala 25: 18” long X 3” wide X 6” tall
  • Koala 35: 37” long X 3” wide X 6” tall
  • Koala 45: 49” long X 3” wide X 6” tall
  • Larger Rooms: Contact Radiant


The Tiger Tank Silo system offers application specific solutions to Liquid Storage applications as positive air displacement, clean air delivery, in-line passive disinfection, and microbial targeted disinfection solutions. The disinfection system destroys harmful bacteria, mold and virus in the top of liquid storage tanks without affecting the taste, color or odor of the liquid.
  • Reduce Stagnant Air
  • Eliminate Condensation
  • Create Positive Pressure
  • Consistent flow of air to fluid within the tank


  • Pre Filtration:Electrostatic
  • Mai Filtration: Efficiency of 99% with absolute H.E.P.A. filters
  • Disinfection: UV-254
  • Connection: Outlet port PVC Slip Cap or Stainless Tri Clamp
  • Electrical: 120 VAC/ 60 Hz
  • Constrution: Stainless 304


The DIU (Duct Insert Unit) is designed to provide application specific target microbial control with options of air filtration. The system is built to fit in-line with existing systems.