Organic Light Results

Ultraviolet disinfection has a proven track record of eliminating food-borne pathogens, increasing product shelf life and reducing recalls.


Research Shows Organic UV Light Can Kill Foodborne Pathogens on Fruits

New research out of Washington State University shows that ultraviolet C light can help kill foodborne pathogens on certain fruits. The light, which cannot penetrate opaque, solid objects, destroys the nucleic acid and disrupts the DNA of microorganisms. It’s been used for years to sanitize food contact surfaces, as well as drinking water.

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Studies Show Benefit of UV Light on Fresh Produce

Preliminary studies by Tara H. McHugh, a food technologist and research leader at the Agricultural Research Service (ARS) Processed Foods Research Unit at the Western Regional Research Center in Albany, California, along with her research team, have recently revealed the benefits of exposing vegetables to certain kinds of ultraviolet light.

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Food Interventions: Organic UV light is extremely effective against pathogens

Last week, a group of scientists and food safety leaders came together at a conference in Seattle to share their expertise on various techniques for guarding against contamination during food production. 

The Foodborne Pathogen Interventions Symposium was a day-long event designed to teach seafood producers about emerging technologies to make food safer, and to help attendees understand the basics of implementing new techniques — from testing to regulatory concerns to inspiring consumer confidence in the new production step.

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