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The service component of Radiant is one of the most valuable tools for our customers. The service provided offers support and training for most UV, Ultraviolet, Ozone systems in the market. The equipment at a user site with determine the field service needed. The use of UV technology within most application requires the implementation of controls and support. Radiant offers both new equipment and field service to support the technology use. Radiant is proud to offer its services for Ultraviolet, Ozone, and filtration applications.


As a Ultraviolet Management Company Radiant is able to provide direct support to all Ultraviolet systems. Our specialty in management includes creating customer standards of operation and Multi-plant consistency. The key elements and our main focus includes preventive maintenance,
technical personnel to support operations and knowledge of proper performance levels.

Our services include:

  • On-Site Service Programs.
  • Operation Consulting.
  • Scheduled Maintenance Programs.
  • Application Design.
  • Emergency Service Programs.
  • Technology Comparative Reviews.
  • Existing System Repair and Upgrades.
  • Current Operation Review to Design Spec.
  • Installation and Service Available for all Products Offered.

When utilizing UV, the measurement of the system performance is critical. Knowing when the system is in a state of operation or failure will determine proper operation.

Radiant provides:

  • Audit Control Documentation.
  • PM Program specific to your equipment and your application.
  • Service and Maintenance – Knowing the Performance of your system.

System integrations of Smart Controls are available to most systems, which includes:

  • Control Interlocks.
  • PLC Integration for performance trending.
  • Real Time monitoring of UV Output.
  • Safety controls and interlocks.


Lamps referred to as:

  • Ozone.
  • Ozone free.
  • TOC.
  • Chlorine Removal.
  • Disinfection.
  • Mercury.
  • Mercury Iron.
  • Mercury Gallium.
  • Quartz – 22mm to 31mm.
  • Ballast – matched to lamp.
  • Sensors – specific to your equipment.
  • Lamp Sockets – matched to lamp.
  • Control Boards – direct connect.

Aftermarket Parts:

  • Lamps – Low Pressure, Medium Pressure.
  • Ballast and Transformers.
  • Quartz – Sleeving, Plating, Silica, and specialty coatings.
  • Sealing Material.
  • Curing Belts.
  • Safety protective wear.

Enhanced Components:

  • Long Life Lamps.
  • Quartz replacement.
  • Electronic Ballast.
  • Automation controls.
  • Safety Integration to processes.
  • Application integration controls.
  • Lamp encapsulation – mercury containment.