UV Testing

Radiant UV provides full testing and results for your products.

Testing Benefits

Radiant Industrial solutions is the first to offer specialized testing to our customers. We offer three validated steps to cover all the bases of our customers needs to ensure a defined log reduction, or increased shelf life. With this data, we can then design the customized unit, which includes a third-party validation that can be presented to food protection agencies. 

Testing Methods

food lab

Range Finder

Radiant works with a third-party lab to find an ultraviolet treatment level suitable for the customer requested log reduction specific to their product.


No Harm

Radiant conducts testing to ensure that the customer’s product remains unharmed at the specified ultraviolet treatment level attained from the results of the Range Finder test. Characteristics evaluated in this test procedure are surface color, odor, texture, and overall appearance. If possible, at the customer’s request, Radiant can ship treated product to the customer for internal evaluation.


On Site Testing

Radiant is available to perform any testing procedures at the customer’s facility or a third-party lab that the customer already works with. This service includes a 3-4 day on site study period with the customer and Radiant personnel.



Radiant works with a third-party lab to validate that Radiant’s technology is consistently producing the necessary log reduction for the customer at the specified treatment levels. This testing procedure is done in repetition to ensure results are consistent and variances are minimal. An official report is provided to customer for validation.


Send your product in for testing to obtain a detailed report on how UV can keep your product safe.