Customized Solutions

Radiant provides disinfection solutions using chemical-free, Ultraviolet technology that is customized for every application.

Process & Packaging

Lynx Conveyor

The Lynx is designed for conveyance disinfection for product exposure control. The conveyor is the greatest opportunity for contamination to product surface. Radiant offers direct exposure control in these areas to product continuous disinfection control through retro-fit equipment to existing operations.


The Joulesafe system is designed and engineered to provide a full range of UV sterilization. The controls of the system allow the user to define operatons.

Organic Light Tunnel

The Organic Light Tunnel is a log reduction intervention step for food processing designed to preserve antioxidants utilizing a chemical free application. The benefits include increased shelf life and a guaranteed intervention step to help protect against food-borne pathogens such as listeria, salmonella, e-coli and others.


Air Unit

Organic light air cleaner with positive air displacement offers HEPA, UV and Ozone clearing solutions. This system is available in varying sizes depending on room size.


Tiger Tank

The organic light silo system is designed for liquid storage applications, reducing bacterium, mold, particles and condensation.

Duct Insert Unit (DIU)

The organic light DIU is designed for large volume applications. The specific target is microbial control with air filtration options.



The Jaguar is designed for food transport disinfection. The Jaguar provides non-chemical disinfection for refrigerated and bulk carriers of food products.


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